People Online are Sharing Incredible Examples of Pareidolia They've Spotted

Pareidolia is a Greek word meaning, “resembling an image.” We think getting this condition around yourself is cool, don’t you agree? The power of your mind for interpreting things is amazing. With Pareidolia, you can accurately visualize any pattern in random things. For example, when someone describes the pattern of ice on the mountain as a Crocodile, but your beautiful mind interprets the same scenario as a Lizard! That’s why when it comes to imagining something hilarious, the sky is your limit because human minds are a little crazy and overly imaginative.

From textures on wood to smiley faces on potatoes, Pareidolia happens in countless shapes and sizes. They tease our thoughts and make us want to believe in our creative imagination. It’s because our brain is the very thing that helps make it all possible.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy the collection of images shared by people having Pareidolia. Have fun!

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