People Sharing Tweets About Their Dads' Great Sense of Humour

Being a Dad is no ordinary joke but to keep rolling with the responsibilities of fatherhood, a decent sense of humor need to be a must in every part of your life. Many people out there in the world just have a natural spark when it comes to their Dad’s great sense of humor. In case you need proof, Twitter is one of the most famous places where you’ll find plenty of examples in the form of tweets by the people who share their Dad’s great sense of humor hilariously.

Some Dads take a panoramic photo of their children and just destroy the whole picture in a matter of seconds without knowing what they are capturing while others wear funny costumes in front of their children to make them happy and stop them from getting bored. Anyhow, scroll on peeps to see our curated list of dad’s great sense of humor and enjoy it! We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post!

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