People Taking Up Recreation of Book Cover Challenge and It's Hilarious (30 Photos)

We have seen people recreating works of art with all their extra time at home—now it’s time for books to shine. Because let’s be honest, like many other cultural institutions, we have forgotten that libraries and books still exist under all these lockdowns. That’s why the latest trends on social media the #BookCoverChallenge sweeping all over the internet. The rules of it are quite easy, all you need to is try and recreate book cover images submitted by libraries or from your own resources using what you have in your home. And just for an additional tip for making your cover: It’s best if the photo you upload is a side-by-side with the real cover so people can tell which book you’re recreating. If not, be sure to share the name of the book so people aren’t guessing!

From the more weird submissions to the innocent and naive attempts of children, this challenge has delivered quite a lot. And we have curated the best ones in our collection for sure! Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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