Perfectly Timed Photos From People's Daily Lives By Street Photographer

Did you know that almost 95 million photos get shared on Instagram every day? That’s why nowadays; social media is full of impressive photos that depict reality in artistic styles. And, we have to agree with this fact that for photographers and creative people, inspiration often comes from a person who knows the true meaning of creativity. Some photographers are quite creative while others are not. Anthimos Ntagkas with 29.4k followers is one of those genius photographers who has perfectly captured daily routine life. Whether the results are realistic or not, these photos can surely portray daily life as extraordinary through balancing reality with imaginations.

In this post, we have listed up a collection of outstanding work of Anthimos Ntagkas who know how to put the creativity to good use. He surely deserves a round of applause for his efforts. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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