Someone Decided To Apply Gender-Swap Faceapp on Celebrities and The Results are Hilarious

In this era of the digital world, software developers have been working on photo editing applications for long. Even Tiktok and Snapchat were not there when people started using built-in effects and filters to edit their photos. However, who could have imagined that someday, people will be able to change facial expressions, convert themselves into Hollywood celebrities, or even change their gender?

Yes, folks, unless you have been living in the forest for the last couple of years, you must have heard of FaceApp. Since the day this app was launched, people are using all their creativity to create funny images. A genius came up with the idea of applying gender-swap on celebrities, and the results are ridiculously hilarious! Imagine Johnny Depp as a young girl, and you will surely start feeling insane!

Listed in this article are some of the best celebrity gender-swaps that will make you go ROFL! Now stop reading, scroll on, and enjoy people. Share these images with all the celebrity lovers out there.

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