Ten Year Challenge – 30 Celebrities Photos From 2009 to 2019

Social media is an interesting place. Any challenge can make it to the top trend where even famous people starts following it.

The latest trend which is taking over social media has already emerged in 2019. The 10-year challenge, also known as, “How Hard Did Aging Hit You? Challenge” involves posting a photo of yourself in 2009 next to a photo of yourself in 2019. It gives you a chance to reflect on how you’ve changed in 10 years. The trend is so hot that even the celebrities have jumped into it and gave us the chance to see how our favorite actors and musicians have gotten more beautiful with age.

Listed here are 30 then and now photos of our favorite celebrities from 2009 to 2019. Scroll on to look at surprising transformations of our superstars. Enjoy peeps!

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