This Artist Perfectly Illustrates What Famous People Would Look Like If They Lived in the 21st Century

Ever since we were a child, we have been fascinated by history and archaeology. A thought always comes to mind how incredible it would be to see historical events and people in the real world. From the biggest and most famous royal personalities to the greatest historical figures of all times like Great Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Mona Lisa or Abraham Lincoln to ever exist, a brilliant artist is bringing all of them all back to life by using diverse graphic design skills and experience.
Becca has been working in graphic design for more than 8 years. She has proved herself to be a true historian and has skillfully revived and reiterated figures that we have only seen in Ancient books, Statues, Arts and Paintings. Her work gives us a glimpse of how Mighty and Prominent Personalities of the past figures would look if they were still present between us today. Scroll on to see some of her best work in our curate list below and enjoy peeps!

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