This Barista Paints Celebrity Portraits on Coffee and They are so Crazy About His Creative Lattes

Have you ever thought of becoming popular with celebrities just by making coffee? Brian Leonard, also known as Barista Brian, is the talented latte artist who certainly made it happen. He is giving celebs a new way to appreciate a cup of artistic caffeine jolt by painting famous portraits on coffee. 

From beautiful landscapes and animals to portraits, he is a master of the art on the latte. Breach can muster whatever face he wants into life by carving them from milk foam with a bamboo skewer. He began developing new techniques to capture different facial details out of boredom. Now, he definitely knows how to impress any coffee lover even the famous actress Meryl Streep called him a genius! From Jennifer Lopez to Peter Dinklage, you’ll find a lot of your favorite celebrities who have seen brian’s latte magic.

So, forget the conventional art and scroll on to see our compiled list of pictures from Brian’s creative lattes collection. We bet you’ll be amazed to see his creation. Enjoy peeps!

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