This Body Painting Artist Sets a New Trend of Painting Bellies of Pregnant Women

Undoubtedly, Pregnancy is known as one of life’s biggest blessings! And we all know the fact quite well that nothing beats the feelings of women when they hear the words, “You are pregnant.”

Heather Aguilera is a well-known Belly Paint Guru who dedicated her art to celebrate this long-lasting happiness of pregnant women.  Her belly art has been described as an experience beyond imagination. She possesses tons of experience as an artist to create extraordinary designs on the bellies of pregnant women.  Although three-dimensional art is quite difficult to design on the human body, Heather has done it in a pretty precise manner. Due to her amazing skills, Aguilera also won an International Award for celebrity body painter featured on faceoff’s special episode “NAKED AND PAINTED.”

Listed in this article are some incredible painted bellies of pregnant women that have set a new trend among the people. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Share this post with pregnant women in your family so they can have some new ideas to celebrate.

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