This Cosplayer is Pro at Creating Hilarious Low Budget Cosplays

Making a decent cosplay can hit the wallet hard, as it’s quite expensive. Makeup, wigs, costumes, and extras are not free of cost obviously! However, once in a while, when you’re feeling the loss of some genuinely necessary DIY outfit augmentations, yet would prefer not to spend a fortune on them, you simply need to think outside the box.

A Moscow based Russian artist Alexander explores deeper levels of ridiculousness by recreating popular movies, TV scenes, games, or pictures of celebrities using only the things that he can find around him. He has taken his passion for cosplays to a whole new level, giving motivation to other artists as well.

Listed in this post are 30+ photos of Alexander’s hilarious work. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. To check out more of his work, visit his Instagram

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