This Guy Makes Genius Cosplay Costumes That are on a Budget and Still Steal the Show

Cosplay is a short form of costume play that came about from Asian Origins but from the past decade or so, costume play has gained tremendous popularity. The humongous increase in cosplay is itself a result of the famous and notorious “social media”. Fans show their appreciation towards their favorite comic characters by dressing up in some expensive costumes and posing like their idols.

In the race of creating better and better cosplays, Anucha Sangchart, an artist from Bangkok, Thailand, is winning the internet by creating cosplays out of the most unusual items. The low cost, budget-friendly cosplays are inspiring a lot of people and he currently has more than 40k followers on Instagram! Listed below are 40 photos showing his hilarious, yet creative work that will surely inspire you! Enjoy peeps! And don’t forget to share this post with all the talented cosplayers on your list.

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