This Instagram account collecting Ridiculous and Funny eBay Listings That Will Raise Your Eyebrows

Some people are the masters of killing two birds with one stone, right? If they’ve got a house full of clutter and no money in their wallet, then they can easily avail the opportunity of selling some of their stuff on eBay for earning some extra cash. However, turning a grandma’s silverware and an old baseball card collection into dollars isn’t as simple as slapping up a listing and waiting for the money to roll in. It takes time and effort to list, photograph, package, and ship the items but, a few opportunistic people know their game quite well. You’ll see them selling 2 snowballs for $10,000 or a fake ramen smartphone stand for $152. Don’t believe us? Well, that’s why Instagram account @ebaybae has been collecting ridiculous and funny eBay listings that will definitely make you raise your eyebrows.

From weird product design and photography to appalling prices and questionable authenticity, they’ve got it all. Scroll on to see some of them in our compiled list below and prepare yourself to be shocked!

Instagram account @ebaybae

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