This is How Disney Animals Would Look Like as Human

Have you ever imagined how Disney animals would look like as a human character? That sounds funny, right? Alaina Bastian is a genius artist who is working on this project with the best of her abilities. She’s been doing character designing for years. Her illustrations leave people stunned when they see them on social media. The combination she chooses for her illustrations is a perfect match between animals and human characters. Moreover, in this artwork, she also thinks out of the box and relates the ethnic background of humans which seems quite a difficult task.

For instance, if we take lion-king cartoon characters like Simba and Nala, Alaina perfectly relates these characters with the Red Indian community of Amazonian forest, a perfect depiction of creativity and expertise of graphics designing.

So, Folks! Scroll on to see Bastian’s amazing collection in our curated list below and enjoy it! Don’t forget to share this post with all Disney fans in your circle, they’ll surely appreciate it!

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