This is How Your Favourite Celebrities Looked on Their Prom Night (30 Photos)

Agonizing over the details of what to wear, the scent of pink limousines, photo props and curiosity of who’s going to win the night, do you know what we are talking about people? Yes, you guessed it absolutely right! Prom season is in the air.

We bet you remember every tiny detail of what your prom was like! From finding the perfect outfit to finding the perfect partner, it was half celebration and half popularity contest. Everybody wanted to be King and Queen! But if you thought celebrities got to skip their prom, well think again. The only difference between us and them is that our snaps can only be found in a dusty album in our parent’s garage while for a lot of celebrities, they’re all over the internet.

Let’s find out how your favorite celebs rejoiced their big night. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

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