This Mother Perfectly Recreates Celebrities’ Red Carpet Outfits For Her 6-Year Old Daughter

If you’re a fantasy fanatic you’ll know that it can cost a fortune to come up with a good red carpet outfit. The props such as the costumes and the shoes don’t come for free. But what if you’re short on cash? Does it mean that you’ll miss out on all the fun? Nah! Not a chance! All you need is a little creativity, and you can even manage to create a red carpet outfit on a budget. One mother, inspired by these outfits, decided to recreate them with her 6-year-old daughter and some of the results look even better than the originals.

Alya Chagler from Turkey is a talented artist and mother who became famous on Instagram thanks to creative photos of her adorable little girl, Stefani. Alya loves to recreate celebrity outfits by tossing random items over her shoulder which ultimately outshines the originals even better and Scroll on to see our favorites from her collection below and get ready to be amazed peeps!

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