This Thai Woman Creates the Most Hilarious Instagram Vs Reality Collages

Undoubtedly, we all know the fact that people share a perfect version of themselves on social media apps by picking only the finest images and experiences to share with rest of the world. That’s why it became a common custom for people to post the perfect photo using Photoshop or other beauty filters on the internet. However, Viennadoll, from Thailand, isn’t afraid of showing her “ugly” side to her fans who admire her the most. She proudly shares her edited and modified photos with her 163,000 followers using various backgrounds, which portrays that what people see on social media isn’t always realistic. In one interview she also said that she became a model almost by accident. Yes, Folks! this is the ultimate power of social media. To become a superstar sometimes it just only requires perfect skill in photo editing software.

Listed below are some of the hilarious Instagram vs reality collages of Viennadoll that will make you go ROFL. Scroll down peeps and enjoy!

More info: Instagram | YouTube

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