We Couldn’t Stop Laughing at These Literal Interpretations of Child's Creations By His Dad

Kids love to draw things and sometimes their interpretation is a challenging task for their parents. The main reason is that since little ones do not have their speech skills developed so well, the drawings take a form of expressing their innocent thoughts. Now, you need to know that the interpretation of your child’s idea often requires loads and loads of mental exercise like Dom’s father.

Dom is a six years old child who likes to draw. His ideas regarding drawing arts are mind-blowing. That’s why once he’s finished with his work; his dad then recreates their real-world interpretations with a dose of digital magic and Photoshop skills. From elephants, zebras, and fishes to hilarious animal photos, Dom and his dad have created an adorable alternate the universe of photo shopped images filled with the types of things we couldn’t even dream of.

Listed in this post is a collection of literal interpretations of Dom by his dad. So scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps!

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