When People With Sense of Humour Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus – 30 Photos

The recent pandemic has made our world a bit gloomy don’t you think? The number of patients having COVID-19 AKA ‘Coronavirus’ is increasing drastically. According to the latest update, this lethal virus has spread in many countries of the world in a short time. Spain, France Italy, America, and China have the highest number of patients recorded so far. Among them, many have taken precautionary measures by improving personal hygiene and cleaning their surroundings with detergents and antibacterial chemical sprays.

However, to spread a few roars of laughter, some people have taken quite hilarious precautions. You’ll see them covering their faces with chemical masks or a car air filter in a funny manner. Whatever precaution they choose for themselves, the outcomes will make the world laugh out loud.

Listed in this post are 30 images of people with a great sense of humor trying to protect themselves from COVID-19 that will put a smile on your face. Scroll on folks and enjoy! Don’t forget to share with all your friends as well!

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