When People With Sense of Humour Trying to Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

The cases figure of Novel Coronavirus continues to rise on a global level. As per the latest statistics, this deadly virus has spread in many countries of the world in a short time. America, Brazil, and Russia have the highest number of patients recorded so far. Among them, many have taken precautionary measures by improving personal hygiene, applying social distancing, and cleaning their surroundings with detergents and antibacterial chemical sprays.
However, to spread a few roars of laughter, some folks have taken quite entertaining safety measures. You’ll see them covering their faces with hilarious fire protection or chemical masks and car air intake filters in quite a hilarious manner. Whatever precaution they choose for themselves, the outcomes will make the world laugh out loud.

Listed in this article is a collection of images of people with a great sense of humor trying to protect themselves from coronavirus that will definitely put a smile on your face. Scroll on folks and enjoy! Don’t forget to share with others,

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