Who Wore It Better? Celebrity or Fan?

More Info:  Katie Sturino

Fashion industry is becoming more complicated by the day – with pregnant lingerie models and plus-sized stars like Ashley Graham paving the way for real women, it’s getting really hard to join the competition because when it comes to celeb inspo’, there’s still a gap in the market for larger ladies.However, New Yorker Katie Sturino firmly believes that great style can happen at any size. After 10 years of working in PR, in 2015 she started a blog called the12ish style tintroduceuce girls like her to more size-inclusive fashion and to share her tips and tricks on how to get dressed while being plus.  A few months later, Sturino started using her blog to recreate celebrity style, posting under the hashtag #SupersizeTheLook. Whether it’s Miley Cyrus or Jessica Alba, Sturino wanted to show women her size that they “can have the same style. You don’t have to be that size. Scroll to see our favourites from her collection and enjoy peeps! 

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