Woman Replaces Actors In Famous Movie Scenes With Her Well-Trained in Posing Dogs

EVERYONE loves dogs. Some would probably say they are the perfect pet animals existing in this mortal world. They have the power to make anyone smile with their fluffy tails, their tiny wet noses, and pointy ears. Yes, people! You have to agree with us that sometimes simply looking at photos of dogs is enough to make our day so much better.

An Instagram account, famous by the name miloki_samoyeds decided to edit man’s best friend by replacing famous actors in some Hollywood Scenes. The Australian woman behind this incredible idea wants to spread a bit of positivity into our world to eradicate the negativity of the current pandemic crisis with her Samoyeds, Summer, and Apollo. “With COVID-19 keeping us all at home, I thought there’s no better time than the present to unleash some creativity and practice some Photoshop skills,” says the woman.

In this post, we have listed our favorites from her collection and we can’t wait to see what movie is next for this photoshop treatment! Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram

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